In 2011 Fundacion DIA started with the planting of forest plantations on small and medium sized farms. The first plantations were successfully certified for GoldStandard in 2014. At present, the project is selling GoldStandard carbon credits which revenues are being used to provide long term technical assistance in plantation management to the farmers. Our aim is to sell credits at a fair price (meaning against production costs), since smallholder reforestation projects have much more added value then conventional carbon projects such as for example renewable energy. Carbon certification of a reforestation project is also much more complex from a logistic point of view, especially with smallholder farmers.

By buying carbon credits from Fundacion DIA, you not only able to reduce your carbon footprint but also create local social-economic impact and environmental impact. Trees are more than just carbon sinks: They reduce further desertification, have a positive effect on biodiversity, regulate water retention capacity of the soil, improve soil fertility, regulate local humidity and temperatures, etc.. If you want to have real environmental and social impact, you are at the right address: No window dressing with cheap carbon credits but creating real impact. Feel free to contact us if you are interested to buy credits.

Soon, we hope to have a reporting system in place that keeps you updated about the progress of the reforestation activities and how your investment in carbon credits supports local farmers improving their income and the environment of Leon.