In 2014, Fundacion DIA started with the installation of 250 bee hives to develop a honey production chain. This honey chain will provide an alternative source of short term revenues for Fundacion DIA. These additional revenues, enable Fundacion DIA to provide technical assistance to farmers and pay incentives to the most vulnerable farmers who highly depend on short term income. The aim is to expand the number of hives to 1,000 in the next 2 year (2019). This will generate around 25,000 liters of high quality honey on annual basis. The 90,000 flowering Moringa trees that the Fundacioun DIA will be planting will be a welcome food source for the bees. Both the local market as well as the export market is very favorable for honey at the moment. Considering the global problems with bee populations, it is likely that demand for high quality honey will increase in the next few decades. Export to Europe (France, Germany or Netherlands) is an option, but the national market of Nicaragua is definitely a priority market since prices that are paid here are competitive with those of international retailers.